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Sliced banana bread with walnutsIf you have gluten-free guests in town for the holidays, this is a great recipe everyone will enjoy. Serve this moist orange-scented banana bread with eggs or a protein drink to make it a healthy breakfast. Be sure to bake this bread until firm.


¾ cup brown rice flour (plus more for dusting pan)
6 Tbsp millet flour
¾ tsp baking powder
¾ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
½ cup firmly packed brown sugar
1-1 ½ Tbsp grated orange zest (2-3 small oranges)
1 cup mashed, ripe banana (about 3 bananas)
2 large eggs
¼ cup canola oil
¼ cup buttermilk
¾ cup toasted pecans, chopped


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat an 8 ½ by 4 ½ inch loaf pan with cooking spray. Line pan bottom with parchment paper. Coat parchment with cooking spray; then dust entire pan with brown rice flour. Shake for even coating; then gently tap out any extra flour. Do this prep even if the pan is nonstick.

In a small bowl, whisk together ¾ cup brown rice flour, millet flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

In a medium bowl, whisk brown sugar, orange zest, and banana until uniform. Whisk in eggs, one at a time; then slowly whisk in oil. Whisk in half the flour mixture, followed by half of the buttermilk. Whisk in remaining flour mixture, followed by remaining buttermilk. Stir in pecans.

Pour batter into prepared loaf pan. Bake on middle rack for 50-60 minutes, rotating pan half way through cooking time. Bake until very firm to the touch (especially towards the center); do not under bake. Cool 15 minutes. Run a small spatula or butter knife around the bread’s perimeter; then invert onto a cooling rack. Cool completely before slicing.

Serves 16.

Per Serving: 124 cal, 5 g fat, 3 g protein, 19 g carb, 1 g fiber, 163 mg sodium.

Your Slip-ups Are Only Detours

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Mid Adult Woman Looking At Cheesecake

Remember –  you will give in to temptation but that doesn’t mean you should ditch your goal entirely. If you find yourself on a little detour from your healthy eating habits, enjoy it, slow down, and savor it, and when you are done don’t beat yourself up.

Just remind yourself of how many good choices you do make and get back on track avoiding the “I have already blown it” syndrome and making it worse by continuing to overindulge. It’s easier to dig out from a 300-calorie detour than a 3000-calorie detour.

This chicken and rice soup is simple and delicious and great for keeping your immune system healthy and strong. Enjoy!


1 Tbsp olive oil
½ cup chopped onion
1 ½ Tbsp finely minced fresh ginger
1 Tbsp white miso soup
1 (8-ounce) package pre-sliced cremini mushrooms
4 ½ cups unsalted chicken stock
1 ½ cups shredded skinless rotisserie chicken breast
3 cups chopped bok choy
1 (8.5-ounce) pouch precooked brown rice
1 Tbsp low sodium tamari sauce or Bragg’s liquid aminos
½ teaspoon kosher salt (omit if you are carefully watching sodium)
½ tsp black pepper
1 Tbsp grated lemon rind
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice


Heat the oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add onion, ginger, and miso; sauté 4 minutes. Add mushrooms; sauté 2 minutes. Add stock, chicken, and bok choy; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer 8 minutes.

While soup simmers, prepare rice according to package directions. Stir rice, tamari, salt and pepper into soup; cook 4 minutes or until bok choy is tender. Remove from heat; stir in lemon rind and juice.

Serves 6.

Per serving: 185 cal, 5g fat, 18g protein, 18g carb, 2g fiber, 525 mg sodium.

Quick Perk-Me-Up

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In addition to a healthy protein snack with a little carb added, another quick perk-me up is to stop slouching!

Good posture can perk you up better than coffee. Good posture is both physical and mental. How you carry your frame affects hormones and oxygen levels; it also can affect mood and attitude. Try it today… simply sit up and stand nice and tall; pull in your belly and engage your core and keep your shoulders back and down. Bye-bye 3pm caffeine fix, hello good posture.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

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This grilled chicken Caesar Wrap is a fast and delicious meal with everything you need all wrapped up. Enjoy!


3 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp low-fat mayo
1 clove garlic, minced
½ tsp freshly ground pepper
2 organic, boneless, skinless chicken breasts (about 1 pound total), trimmed
1/8 tsp salt
2 romaine hearts
1/3 cup finely shredded Parmesan cheese
4 8-inch spinach wraps, warmed


Preheat grill to medium-high. Combine lemon juice, oil, mayo, garlic and pepper in a large bowl. Oil the grill rack.

Sprinkle chicken with salt. Cut romaine lengthwise, leaving root ends intact. Grill the chicken until it reaches 165 at the thickest part, 4-6 minutes per side. Two minutes before the chicken is done, place the romaine on the rack and grill, turning once or twice, until lightly charred and beginning to wilt, 2-3 minutes total.

Cut the chicken into bite size pieces. Cut the roots off the romaine, and then chop leaves. Add the chicken, lettuce and Parmesan to the bowl with the dressing; toss until well combined. Fill each warmed wrap with about 1 ½ cups of the salad and roll and close.

Serves 4.

Per Serving: 429 cal, 16g fat, 40g carb, 33g protein, 688mg sodium, 5g fiber