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“Layla’s approach is so different from what I had tried in the past; she’s a wealth of knowledge and gave me a nutrition education to last a lifetime. She helped ease my menopause symptoms, lose and keep off (3+ years…) 35 lbs and is a compassionate yet firm coach who always kept me striving and inspired to reach my goals. Thank you Bossy!”
— Anna Sharp, RN, Marin

“Working with Layla was so much fun, she not only helped me lose 25 lbs and keep it off, she helped me heal my Diabetes and get off of my medication. She made losing weight easy and sensible and I feel great!”
— Barbara North, retired Psychiatrist, Marin

“Layla worked with our whole family, myself, my husband, our son, 12 and daughter, 6 and really helped us love our veggies…it’s the diet that made us crave our vegetables! We are healthier, slimmer and now know how to eat and cook as a busy family to thrive!”
— The Clarks, Sonoma

“Just like Layla I suffered for years with Crohn’s Disease. Within three weeks of working with Layla I had less symptoms, more energy and was able to start re-building my life. It’s been five years since Layla helped me heal and I am happy to say I am off all medication and am able to work, play, and live again…my doctor couldn’t believe it. Layla always says we are what we eat and we can heal with proper nutrition – she’s right”
— Julie Rose, Artist,  Sonoma